Solar Technology

Solar 3.0: Comprehensive Guide to Perovskite Solar Technology

Perovskite Solar Cells Right now a giant fusion reactor 93 million miles away is irradiating the earth with about as much energy as all of human civilization uses in a year. So why aren’t we harnessing this abundant, renewable energy source to meet all of humanity’s energy needs? It’s not an issue of physical impossibility, […]

Technology Tesla

Elon Musk’s Plans for a Tesla Electric Plane

According to Elon it’s simple, you need to get high really fast! The higher the better. Elon Musk proposes a vertical take off and landing, supersonic electric jet with gimbaled thrust that can change direction just like a rocket. He envisions a lightweight flying wing design, with high energy density batteries structurally integrated into the […]


5 New Battery Technologies that could Change Everything

Batteries are everywhere in today’s hyper connected electrically propelled society. I bet a battery is powering the device you’re watching this video on right now. Do you have low battery status? What if you didn’t have to charge your phone again for another month?  What if your electric car could travel 1000 miles on a […]