Solar Technology

Solar 3.0: Comprehensive Guide to Perovskite Solar Technology

Perovskite Solar Cells Right now a giant fusion reactor 93 million miles away is irradiating the earth with about as much energy as all of human civilization uses in a year. So why aren’t we harnessing this abundant, renewable energy source to meet all of humanity’s energy needs? It’s not an issue of physical impossibility, […]


10 Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Going Solar

Trying to do everything by themselves This first mistake is the root cause of many mistakes homeowners make when they decide to go solar. A lot of homeowners, especially the ones that like to get their hands on all types of work, think that buying and installing a solar energy system on their house is […]

Auto Solar Tesla

Solar Panels on a Tesla

Electric cars and solar panels seem like a match made in heaven: free, clean power as long as the sun shines. A self reliant, solar car that’s not dependent on the power grid could recharge sustainably from anywhere you dare to venture, as long it’s not a cloudy day. So, have you ever wondered about […]