Solar Panels on Elon Musk’s Personal Tesla Model S

While it may appear this Tesla has solar panels, the pattern on the window is simply the reflection from transparent solar panels on the glass roof of the supercharger station.

Elon Musk gave the press a sneak peek of his personal Model S in 2014, which unintentionally created this forward looking image.

Electric cars and solar panels seem like a match made in heaven: free, clean power as long as the sun shines. A self reliant, solar car that’s not dependent on the power grid could recharge sustainably from anywhere you dare to venture, as long it’s not a cloudy day.

So, have you ever wondered about bolting solar panels on your Tesla? And why don’t all electric cars come equipped with solar panels for a sleek charge-on-the-go solution? In fact, with improving solar technology and clever ground-up engineering, a few self-charging solar cars are just at the point of coming to market. In this video we’ll delve into the practicalities of solar power for vehicles and have a look at some of the early adopters of this emerging technology.